The Panel

Cybersecurity has established itself as an area of extreme importance in our era of rapid digital transformations. As technology evolves, the challenges related to data protection, networks, and systems increase exponentially. In this scenario, women have been playing a fundamental role, bringing unique perspectives and exceptional skills to the cybersecurity arena. However, women still have low representation in the area. In this context, we invite you to participate in the WISE panel – Brazilian Women in Cybersecurity, which, for this second edition, brings the challenges of motherhood in the field of cybersecurity as its central theme.


Parenthood in Cybersecurity: Reflections on the Woman’s Journey

In this second edition of the WISE meeting, we will explore various aspects related to the impact of parenthood, focusing on women’s professional trajectory, as well as the challenges they face in the workplace. The growing advancement of interconnectivity between devices and systems requires rapid evolution and adaptation of strategies to deal with emerging cyber threats. Female leader professionals in cybersecurity will present their main technical contributions in this new information age, aiming to raise public awareness about the risks and necessary precautions to protect themselves. In this scenario, professionals must always be prepared and up-to-date to combat threats efficiently. It is understood that there is no time for pauses, generating a demand for continuous updating. This demand, coupled with the lack of a welcoming professional environment and flexible working hours, can influence significant personal decisions, such as motherhood. We will discuss how to make this type of decision consciously and how to balance professional life with family life.


The Role of Women in Cybersecurity

Women have been playing a vital role in defending against cyber attacks. However, female representation in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), particularly cybersecurity, is still disproportionately low. We will address the challenges faced by women in the field of cybersecurity and explore ways to encourage and empower more women to enter this dynamic and crucial area. A crucial element for changing the current landscape is to provide greater visibility to female leader professionals in the field of cybersecurity to serve as inspiration for young female professionals and students.


Diversity and Inclusion: Driving Innovation in Cybersecurity

The diversity of perspectives is a driving factor for innovation. Teams that integrate diversity of all kinds generate more creative, innovative, and robust solutions, increasing the ability to address a variety of cyber threats effectively. We will discuss how the inclusion of different voices, considering those of women, can build solutions for various current and future cyber challenges more effectively.


WISE: Connecting and Empowering Women in Cybersecurity

WISE is an initiative created to promote sharing experiences, inspiring stories, and valuable insights and create meaningful connections. We invite you to join us to listen to female leader speakers in the field of cybersecurity, learn from their experiences, and be part of a network dedicated to boosting women’s participation in cybersecurity.


Join Us!

Now is the time to be part of this crucial conversation about the role of women in cyber security and the importance of not compromising parenthood in favor of professional success. Take some time to connect, learn, and contribute to a more resilient and inclusive cyber future. Check the schedule for the date and time of the panel.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can participate in the WISE panel?

The WISE panel is open to anyone interested in cybersecurity, parenting, and gender diversity.

Is the event free?

The event is part of the Brazilian Symposium on Information Security and Computer Systems (SBSeg) 2024 program, promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). Thus, to participate in person, it is necessary to be registered for the event. The event will also be broadcast on YouTube on the Special Commission of Information Security and Computer Systems (CESeg) channel. The direct link for the broadcast will be available soon.

How can I register for in-person participation?

To register, visit the event link: https://sbseg2024.ita.br/ .

Will there be networking opportunities?

Yes, the event will provide several networking opportunities for participants to connect with each other and with the speakers.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes, the event will be recorded on the YouTube channel of the Special Commission of Information Security and Computational Systems (CESeg) so that those who cannot participate live can still benefit from the discussions and insights shared. The link to the YouTube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzu2Nm8cZfg067Q73YOar4w