Technology Park

The São José dos Campos Technology Park, which in 2019 already had around 9,000 people working or studying there, making it the largest technology park in Brazil. The São José dos Campos Technology Park is an enterprise for the promotion of science, technology and innovation. It has technological development centers in the areas of energy, ICT, aeronautics, defense, health, water resources and environmental sanitation, as well as hosting companies operating in the information and communication technology, electronic instrumentation, geoprocessing, aeronautics, defense, space, energy, health and biomedicine sectors. The park is part of the São Paulo System of Technology Parks and is located in Eugênio de Melo, a district on the east side of São José dos Campos. The Park has almost 380 companies and institutions linked to it, such as resident companies, incubated and accelerated startups, companies associated with local productive arrangements (APLs), science and technology institutes, universities, civil society entities and technology development centers. The São José dos Campos Technology Park has the largest events center in the region, with rooms and auditoriums with all the necessary infrastructure, capable of holding up to 800 people