Aeronautics Institute of Technology

The ITA was created by Air Marshal Casimiro Montenegro Filho.

According to the plan for the creation of the former Aerospace Technical Center (CTA, now DCTA), the first institute to be set up would be a school for training aeronautical engineers. Thus, from the beginning of its work, in parallel with the construction and equipment acquisition activities, the DCTA Organization Commission (COCTA) selected professors and technicians for the Aeronautics Institute of Technology, who initially worked at the Army Technical School (now the Military Engineering Institute, IME).

After Decree 27.695/50 transferred the preparation and training courses for aeronautical engineers from that school to ITA, the then Minister of Aeronautics issued instructions regulating admission to ITA (Ordinance No. 38, of March 1, 1950) and its organization (Ordinance No. 88, of April 24, 1950).

Under the terms of Decree No. 5,657 of December 30, 2005, ITA is one of the Military Organizations (OM) subordinate to the current DCTA.

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